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Airnguru Pricing Intelligence

Slow reaction to competitors’ pricing moves? Inaccurate execution of your pricing strategies? Lack of visibility over your competitive position? Suboptimal price levels and segmentation? You may be leaving millions of dollars on the table every year...

Airline Pricing Agility

Speed up your pricing by 10x and recover lost market share with real-time monitoring and automation

Airline Pricing Effectiveness

Improve demand segmentation, reduce dilution, stay competitive and eliminate fare errors

Exhaustiveness Airline Pricing

Manage your prices in-depth and control secondary markets, monitor all competitors and date combinations

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Information Advantage

Stop lagging behind consumers and competitors, put your teams on top of markets, empower them with cutting edge pricing technology

Real Big Data

Amazing functionality, processing power and innovation

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Minimize slow reaction to fare pricing errors

Team Productivity

  • Store / Retrieve unlimited price history

  • Learn from historical competitors' behaviors

  • Cover all possible outbound and inbound date combinations


your Airline Reach

  • Multiplatform (laptop + desktop + mobile)

  • Published and lowest available fares

  • Real time alarms

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