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Airline Pricing

Intelligence, Execution & Automation


Unleash your full potential!


Orchestrate and optimize your pricing strategies with best-in-class airline solutions


Differentiate your Strategies with Sustainable Competitive Advantages

Design and orchestrate your unique, IP-protected pricing strategies,
and scale up your analytic algorithms

Optimize Strategy Design and Execution

Unleash the full potential of decision-making teams to increase profits, productivity, and innovation pace

Airnguru Pricing Intelligence and Price Execution

Airnguru Pricing Intelligence and Price Execution

We create superior value for airlines

An effective use of the Airnguru solutions may generate between 1% and 4% incremental revenue for airlines:


1% to 4% revenue benefit

• Substantially reducing response times to competitors' actions

• Capturing revenue opportunities at the demand segment level

• Managing currently unattended markets

• Eliminating fare filing errors

• Increasing accuracy and frequency of prices fed into Revenue Management

• Substantially improving your team's productivity via automation


More than

of airline revenues depend on pricing performance

>20 hrs

Airlines are taking

to respond to competitors' prices

We pre-compute all market prices on an hourly basis...

2.7 billion

...processing more than

price changes per year,

 linking all fare components, fare rules, and footnotes, 

so that pricing teams can uncover emerging patterns, and achieve unprecedented levels of insights, automation, and performance!

  • Emerging patterns

  • Unprecedented insights

  • New-gen Automation

  • Scalable Performance

8 airlines across 3 continents,
including 2 of the world's 10 largest,