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Design, Optimize, Orchestrate, and Execute your pricing strategies

Discover why Airnguru pricing intelligence, price execution
and automation solutions for airlines are #1 in the world.

Price Data

Ancillary Dynamic Price Optimizer

Awareness Suite

Price Execution

Pantheon Automation Engine

Boost your price execution with the market's #1 fare management solution, speeding up reactive pricing, eliminating publication errors, and substantially increasing productivity, all supported by our highly configurable pricing workflow, which seamlessly integrates teams and departments involved in pricing decisions from inception

to completion.

Feed your Revenue Management system, your Data Warehouse, and other legacy processes, with accurate, timely, all-in prices quoted by Airnguru’s Pricing Engine on real itineraries.

Elevate your airline’s pricing intelligence with timely, actionable insights and superior analytics to diagnose better, act faster, and increase revenue.

Orchestrate your commercial strategy, host your algorithms & IP, and enable differentiation, scalability, and a new level of automation of the revenue stream along the customer journey.

Profitably grow your ancillary revenues by up to 28%(*) optimizing the prices of bundles and
a-la-carte items, assuring price consistency and maximum overall revenue for your routes.

(*) Maximum upside obtained on any single route, as measured on POC performed in 2023.

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See how you can empower yourself
and your revenue management and pricing teams with actionable insights, with
an intuitive and user-friendly design,
through our highly scalable airline pricing intelligence, price execution, and automation technology.


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