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Ancillary Revenue
in Aviation


We're thrilled to invite you to watch an exclusive webinar where we've explored our groundbreaking "Airnguru Bundle & Ancillary Suite." This innovative solution is set to revolutionize how airlines Design, Optimizem and Execute their ancillary pricing strategies.

Discover how Airnguru's suite of tools can help airlines tap into a $150 billion ancillary services industry, expected to grow at a two digit rate through 2030. Learn from industry experts about the latest trends, market insights, and strategic approaches to profitably maximize ancillary revenue.

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Sergio Mendoza
Ph.D., M.Sc., CEO and Senior Advisor

Juan Carlos Chia

MBA, Consulting Project Director

Key Insights

  • Insights into the $150 billion ancillary services market.

  • Strategies for optimizing management and pricing processes.

  • Hands-on case study and successful implementation examples.

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Javier Jimenez

MBA, COO and Co-founder

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