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Value proposition

Airnguru solutions bring unparalleled value to airlines, focusing on key pillars that take pricing processes to the next level.

The current gaps in pricing processes may cost airlines 4% to 10% in potential revenue!

  • Airlines take ~25 hrs to react to competitors’ price changes

  • Airlines leave ~70% of their OD markets unattended

  • Costly human errors impact airline´s revenue and image

  • Frequent price inaccuracies and inconsistencies

  • Price levels are suboptimal

  • Fare fences are suboptimal

  • Pricing language is highly technical and cryptic

  • Pricing systems are rigid and do not scale 

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Airnguru offers airlines
a superior value proposition

Cover 100% of your markets on a high frequency basis

Obtain a 20x - 40x reduction
in Time-To-Market

Diagnose better with superior visualization & user experience

Optimize your segmentation

Optimize your prices

Eliminate pricing errors and inaccuracies

Customize your pricing strategy

Obtain a 2x - 5x productivity boost

Achieve between 2% and 7% net revenue upside! (*)

(*) The real revenue benefit will depend on airline’s current time-to-market, team productivity, exposure to human errors, monitoring frequency, price consistency & accuracy, effectiveness of reactive and proactive pricing strategies, etc.

Four key enablers sustain our value proposition, unleashing unprecedented capabilities for airlines

Pre-process all public fares, all competitors, all markets, integrating
multiple data sources, at highest data frequency, and keep history.

Reveal actionable opportunities, overcome cryptic visualizations,
uncover emerging patterns, and model competitors’ behaviors.

Automate repetitive, massive tasks, scale up processes, orchestrate
commercial strategies, embrace new paradigms with backwards compatibility.

Optimize airline’s commercial strategies with A/B Testing, ABM Simulation, ML, and Game Theory empowered solutions.





Key differentiators separate our approach from other vendors

We pre-process every fare of every airline in every market to build a top-down view. Airnguru highlights relevant events across al fares ang guides analysts down to the specifics only when needed.

Define strategies for each market and then use Airnguru platform as a co-pilot to help analysts execute these strategies with less intervention, faster processes, and automation.

Airnguru moves your team away from “pull-query based processes” to proactively guiding analysts towards the actions to be taken based on previously defined strategies (push-based processes).

Airnguru offers superior automation capabilities, achieving robust and functional automated reactive pricing processes with direct publication to ATPCo and other systems.

Airnguru streamlines the publishing process and automatically detects inconsistencies and requests approvals for aggressive actions.

Top-Down Approach

Strategy Driven

Push-Based Process


Error Prevention Checks

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