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First AIRNGURU Webinair:
Ancillary Revenue in Aviation

We're thrilled to invite you to an exclusive webinar where we'll explore our groundbreaking "Airnguru Bundle & Ancillary Suite." This innovative solution is set to revolutionize how airlines Execute and Optimize their pricing strategies.
Discover how Airnguru's suite of tools can help airlines tap into a $150 billion ancillary services industry, expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Learn from industry experts about the latest trends, market insights, and strategic approaches to maximize revenue through dynamic pricing.


Key Insights

  1. Insights into the $150 billion ancillary services market.

  2. Strategies for optimizing management and pricing processes.

  3. Hands-on case studies and successful implementation examples.


- Sergio Mendoza, Ph.D., M.Sc. CEO, AIRNGURU
- Juan Carlos Chia, MBA. Consulting Project Director


April 4th, 7 pm GMT

April 5th, 6 am GMT

April 5th, 12 pm GMT



Thank You for Registering for Our Webinar Session!

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