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Discover why Airnguru pricing intelligence, price execution, and automation solutions for airlines are #1 in the world

Airnguru solutions bring unparalleled value to airlines, focusing on key pillars that will take pricing processes to the next level

Replace cryptic language with superior visualization and user experience, achieving higher levels of comprehension, diagnostic, and effectiveness.

React faster and better, responding to competitors' movements in near-real-time, substantially reducing time-to-market, 

Achieve full market coverage and qualitative productivity growth via automation. Free up valuable time from tedious tasks to focus on strategy.

Prevent costly fare filing errors, and secure consistency across multiple distribution channels.

Airnguru’s top-down approach and other key differentiators

Airnguru’s top-down approach and other key differentiators dramatically improve how pricing teams monitor markets, design strategies, and take action.

Airnguru generates near-real-time push alerts for actions to be taken, prioritizing by opportunity size and strategy.

With Airnguru's top-down approach the entire universe of fares and competitors is scanned and processed hourly to identify opportunities and emerging patterns.



Elevate your airline’s pricing intelligence with timely, actionable insights and superior analytics to diagnose better, act faster, and increase revenue

With Airnguru, Pricing analysts focus on designing, optimizing, and executing their strategies.

With Airnguru Pricing teams focus their value-added work on strategic markets and larger opportunities, automating the rest.


See how you can empower yourself and your revenue management and pricing teams with actionable insights, with an intuitive and user-friendly design, through our highly scalable airline pricing intelligence technology.

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