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Airnguru airline pricing intelligence "refreshing" at Aviation Festival

Jun 17, 2016 1:25:52 PM
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Airnguru pricing intelligence "refreshing" at Aviation Festival

Airnguru was a “refreshing novelty” of the two-day Aviation Festival Americas in Miami, thanks to a user-friendly competitive analysis tool, during a conference where Big Data analytics was a recurrent discussion.  

The series of lectures, panels and exhibition gathered key industry representatives such as Manoel Suhet VP for USA, Canada, and the Caribbean for LATAM Airlines; Skúli Mogensen, Founder & CEO of Wow; Rolando Damas, Managing Director for North America & Asia for Avianca and Alberto Rey Villaverde, Head of Data Science for EasyJet.

The trending topics were ancillary revenue, data visualization, and competitive analysis. The tone of the entire conference was marked by the influx of information technology tools, not just for the development, but the very survival of the global airline industry.

An Airnguru team comprised by Sergio Mendoza, Co-founder & CEO, Javier Jiménez, Chief Commercial Officer and Madelaine Heine, Sr QA & Deployment, showcased their pricing intelligence solution at the Aviation Festival Americas exhibition. Airnguru was a “breath of fresh air” for several representatives and officials.

“We were very well received and got quite positive feedback from many airlines that visited us at our booth,” recalls Dr. Mendoza. “Airline representatives found our technology powerful, original and refreshing, as it is rare to see B2B technology that is designed with the user at the core”.

“Among many prestigious and well consolidated suppliers present at the exhibition, we were able to stand out with an innovative solution to a very hard problem, effectively integrating big data technology with highly user-friendly interfaces for pricing and revenue management analysts, but also providing senior managers with a convenient executive mobile app.”


A right solution, at the right place and the right time

"Several airlines mentioned their concern about the organizational costs of growth. They discovered in Airnguru's value proposition a way to efficiently grow their business, increasing teams' productivity, reducing their error rates, having more visibility and control of their own fares, easily finding the revenue opportunities hidden in the complexity of airline fare data.”

However, as Dr Mike Farrugia -an expert in data visualization who chatted with the Airnguru team at their booth-, stated in his tweet, it was not all about revenue and efficiency:

Artificial Intelligence, the incoming trend?

“Artificial intelligence is probably going to be a trend in airline business, and, of course in pricing and revenue management. Airnguru has built the right technology to move forward in that direction. We are ready to work with the most audacious and innovative airlines, regardless of their size, since our platform is fully scalable."

Where do you see the future in airline intelligence? What issues prevent your revenue team from performing? 

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