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We gather years of hands-on experience in revenue management and pricing strategies.

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Training in Revenue Management and Pricing

Aimed at analysts that are new to the field of revenue management. Our professional services team will train the analysts on the theory and practice of airline revenue management, helping airlines prepare the new team members for a quicker start in their new positions, accelerating their learning curve and increasing their productivity and impact.

Case Resolution

Aimed at improving revenue management team dynamics at business problem solving. Our professional services team will accompany airline's revenue management and pricing teams in the resolution of real business cases, using the revenue management thought framework, methodologies and best practices. Consultants will act as catalyzers of the business problem solving discussions, facilitating the right team dynamics, promoting knowledge sharing among team members, brainstorming and evaluating the alternative solutions to real business challenges.

Revenue Management and Pricing Consulting

Our professional services team will diagnose revenue management and pricing processes, organization and systems, identifying improvement opportunities, proposing a roadmap of initiatives and assessing their impact and difficulty. Optionally, we accompany our client in the implementation of the "low hanging fruits" identified in the roadmap.