We create superior value for airlines

Our estimates indicate that an effective use of Airnguru Pricing solutions can generate between 1% and 4% incremental revenue for airlines

• Reducing response time to competitor actions

• Capturing competitive opportunities by demand segment

• Managing currently unattended markets

• Eliminating fare filing errors


Price Awareness Suite

Elevate your airline’s pricing intelligence with timely insights and superior analytics to diagnose better, act faster, and increase revenue

  • Identify opportunities to reduce competitive exposure and dilution

  • Visualize market trends and comprehend competitors' behaviors

  • Drill down on fare structures and get user friendly graphical interpretations and transcriptions of all fare restrictions

  • Find where the action is happening and who is involved

  • Benchmark response times and discover your execution improvement opportunities

  • Work with base prices, all-in prices and all fare components that impact final price, including taxes and surcharges


Price Execution Suite

Boost your airline's price execution capabilities with superior fare management functionalities that speed up reactive pricing, eliminate fare publishing errors, and substantially increase productivity.

  • Streamline your pricing process, substantially increasing productivity

  • Increase market share by reducing reaction time to competitors' actions

  • Avoid revenue destruction by preventing fare filing errors

  • Identify revenue opportunities by exploiting market patterns

  • Set near-real-time alerts and prioritize your workload

  • Improve RM system's effectiveness feeding-in accurate prices

  • Set up web services and automated output files for legacy processes

  • Keep a historic record of all your pricing activity for future audits


Massive Price Data Feeds

Feed your Revenue Management system, your Data Warehouse, and other legacy processes, with accurate, timely, all-in prices quoted by Airnguru’s Pricing Engine on real itineraries.

  • Massive computation of all-in prices

  • Including interpretation of all relevant fare rules/categories and footnotesQ-Surcharges, YQ/YR, taxes, computed on real itineraries

  • Including your airline Private Fares

  • Massive Fare by Rule computation

  • Delivered in various frequencies (hourly, daily, weekly, etc)

  • Delivered either as data dumps or streaming

  • Parametric output file, with customized format


Fare Monitoring & Alerts

Augment your airline’s awareness of market movements and react faster, substantially reducing the competitive exposure. Use business rules to set near real time alerts that will trigger automated emails.

  • Changes in Fares, Rules and Footnotes that affect applicable price

  • Ability to specify Rule changes alerts at the Category level

  • All markets

  • All competitors that publish in ATPCO

  • Optionally integrate your screen scraping price data


New Releases!

April 16, 2021

Campaign Manager module

Streamline your promotions with an end-to-end workflow, seamlessly integrating the different roles that collaborate during the definition, creation, distribution, and follow-up of promotions

  • Maintain the promotion plan in a yearly calendar

  • Automatically send reminders to various teams involved

  • Maintain teams informed of final all-in prices, price components, and the conditions of the promotions

  • Automatically generate and submit fares into ATPCO

  • Use integrated chat for agile communication and coordination

  • Keep historical promotion information


February 15, 2021

Fare Visualizer 2.0 module
(part of Price Awareness and Price Execution suites)

Spend your valuable time designing and optimizing pricing strategies instead of performing low value-added tasks that should be automated

  • Retrieve up to 300.000 ATPCO fares or changes per query

  • Visualize all types of fares, price components, fare record components, rule and general rule components, footnote components, brands, and commercial KPI’s

  • Select and modify one fare or massive lists of fares

  • Search for all fare changes within a selected time window

  • Contextually filter and sort on any component

  • Sort and hide columns to customize views

  • Save user views

  • Visualize footnotes on same-screen modal

  • Automatically match competitor

Fare Visualizer 2.0.png