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Airnguru and Piano Launch Bundle and Ancillaries Price Optimization Engine with SKY Airline.

We are thrilled to announce a cutting-edge development in the world of airline pricing! Airnguru, in collaboration with Piano, has launched a dynamic pricing engine for bundle and ancillaries, forging an innovative partnership with SKY Airline. 🎉✈️

This powerful tool marks a significant step forward in the aviation industry, harnessing the power of automated A/B testing technology to optimize total revenue and offer airlines unprecedented control over their pricing strategies. With this solution, airlines can test various bundle discounts, extract conversion probabilities, and optimize expected revenue with continuous updates and adjustments.

Our partnership with SKY Airline, set to begin a live pilot this month, is an exciting testament to our commitment to technological advancement and innovation in the airline industry. Want to know more about this revolutionary project? Dive into the details and discover how we're reshaping the future of airline revenue management.

Join us on this exciting journey, and stay tuned for more updates on how Airnguru continues to innovate and lead the way in airline pricing solutions!

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