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Airline Profits: The High Price of Doing Nothing – Infographic

Jun 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM
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Airlines can add up to 5% additional net revenues to the bottom line if they improve their pricing processes, access real-time data to calculate fares, and rely on cloud-based technology to uncover hidden revenue opportunities, according to "The High Cost of Doing Nothing," our recently published infographic.

With airline profits being squeezed, airlines are looking to more efficient and accurate pricing processes to gain a competitive advantage. By optimizing their prices and fares, they can tap into unmonitored markets and new demand segments for additional revenues.

A 1% improvement in price, according to BCG, has an 11% higher impact on operating profits than improvements in areas, including fixed or variable costs and sales volume.

If you have questions, if you'd like an Airnguru pricing demo, or if you want to know how to avoid the high costs of legacy pricing processes, contact us.


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