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Airline Conferences Pricing and Revenue Managers Should Attend

Jul 19, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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Events for airline pricing managers

Recently, we had an exciting experience at Aviation Festival Americas in Miami, where we met experts and discussed some of their most significant concerns in revenue management, pricing intelligence, airline fare visualization and big data analysis.

The airline industry continues running a roadshow of seminars, encounters and events around the world to meet, network and discuss important issues at all levels of operations.

Here is a list of interesting conferences airline pricing and revenue managers should attend over the next 12 months. 

1. Aviation Festival Europe 2016

September 7 - 9. London, UK. 

Terrapin’s European conference will focus on the internet of things and “what it means for an airline CEO”, changing trends in PSS and the back-end technology that supports distribution and merchandising technology.

The exhibition will also showcase the latest and most innovative solutions in the aviation space from airline marketing, distribution, IT to passenger experience technology and aircraft interiors.

One interesting seminar will have Dame Carolyn McCall, CEO of easyJet, who will speak about the use of digital and personalized approach to gain competitive advantages.

2. New Generation of Airline Passenger Systems

September 20-22.  London, UK.

According to the sponsors, the conference shall focus on “managing the challenge of best of breed for value creation with a key focus on providing a measurement for openness.”

The summit will review topics such as ancillary revenue, merchandising, metasearch and data mining, as well as series of CIO panels and a discussion on the modernizations of NDC.

3.   56th Annual AGIFORS Symposium

October 10-14. Santiago, Chile.

The Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (AGIFORS) organizes a yearly symposium about the latest innovations in airline operations research.

Speakers will address topics such as perations, strategy, cargo logistics, crew scheduling, e-commerce, information technology, OR management, revenue management, robust planning, and scheduling planning.

The meeting gathers not only representatives from airlines and air transport associations, but experts from universities, industrial research labs and consultants, who will discuss new ideas and present technical papers.  

The 2015 symposium, held in Washington, DC, hosted  keynote speakers such as  Chuck Thackston (General Manager, Data & Analytics, Airlines Reporting Corporation) and Josh Marks, SVP Operations Solutions at Global Eagle Entertainment. 

4.  6th World Passenger Symposium

October 18 - 20. Dubai, UAE.

Hosted by Emirates under the theme "Innovating better, together", the event will cover the transformations in the areas of distribution, customer ground & in-flight experience, airport operations, and IT & Technology.

According to the organizers, “airlines that properly embrace digital technology by replacing and augmenting existing business processes drive competitive advantage across passenger experience”, and call to learn how to drive an innovation program while still protecting the core business. At the same time, attendants will meet and debate with airlines who have been able to make this change.

Among the hot topics, they will talk about:

  • The Airline Architecture of Tomorrow.
  • Digital transformation and the embrace of digital technology, by replacing and augmenting existing business processes.
  • Is payment where the Next Disruptive Change should come from?
  • The Internet of Things, and the look at use cases across aviation and other related industries.

5. Hamburg Aviation Conference

February 8 - 9, 2017. Hamburg, Germany.

The conference is a global think tank “bringing together aviation with other travel stakeholders and with other industries as well as academics from universities to discuss hot topics from diverse angles”.

The 2016 event focused on disruption as the new normal and debated the state of cutting edge revenue management, digital technologies, and innovative solutions to reduce cost and increase efficiency. In 2017, with the outbreak of big data and social media, as drivers of change in the industry, the event will focus on “Aviation & Travel in the world of Google, Amazon, Facebook & Co.”

According to the organizers, “change today is happening ten times faster and at 300 times the scale or roughly 3,000 times the impact compared with the Industrial Revolution. We all know that these disruptions are happening, but most of us do not yet comprehend their full magnitude and the effects that will result.”

6. Smart Travel Data Summit North America 2017

February 22-23, 2017. Atlanta.

 Eye for Travel’s event is expected to gather over 150 senior travel executives working in analytics, marketing, revenue management, product development and sales, and expects to be “the only event which specifically looks at innovative data and analytics strategies for the travel industry.” The event reunites the airline industry with people from the hotel sector, transport suppliers and tourism boards.

The event will address topics such as:

  • "How to Outperform Your Competitors by Bringing a Holistic View of Analytics to Your Organization".
  • "Increase Revenue by Placing Data at the Heart of Your Upselling Strategies".
  • "Structuring The Unstructured: Use Analytics to Gain Actionable Insights from Social Media, Online Reviews, and Guest Surveys".

7. Future Travel Experience Ancillary 2017

June 27-27 2017. Dublin, Ireland.

Co-located with Future Travel Experience Europe 2017, the organizers created an event  dedicated exclusively on ancillary revenue, to “empower the airline sector to profit from collaborative digital retailing opportunities at every step of the journey”.

It will bring together different stakeholders who, to the event organizers, “can play a part in improving end-to-end customer experiences while also driving commercial success through digital channels", and will talk about tools to "analyze business opportunities throughout the entire passenger experience, and new digital retailing opportunities that will open revenue bases."


Are you considering attending any of these conferences or another event around the airline industry? Which one, and why?

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