Airnguru SaaS Packages

Our tools empower revenue management and pricing teams by providing comprehensive, actionable information, through a friendly and intuitive design, enabling analysts and managers to make faster and better decisions

Awareness Suite
(Live since Jun-2017)

Elevate your airline’s pricing intelligence with timely insights and superior analytics to diagnose better and act faster

  • Quickly identify opportunities to reduce competitive exposure and dilution
  • Drill down on fare structures and get easy graphical interpretations and transcriptions
  • Visualize market trends and comprehend competitors' behaviors
  • Quickly find where the action is happening and who is involved
  • Benchmark time-to-market and discover your execution improvement opportunities
  • Work with base prices, all-in prices and all fare categories that impact final price

Execution Suite
(Live since Jul-2018)

Boost your airline’s price execution capabilities, speeding up reactive and proactive pricing, preventing fare filing errors and increasing productivity

  • Streamline your pricing process with a robust workflow, substantially increasing productivity
  • Monitor every fare movement, prioritize your workload and get near real time alerts
  • Manage teams and organize, measure and control work status
  • Prevent and eliminate fare filing errors
  • Gain market share by substantially reducing your time-to-market
  • Improve revenue management system's effectiveness by feeding in accurately calculated prices
  • Set up web services and automated output files for legacy processes

Price Monitor
(Expected 2018)

Adjust your capacity strategies by better understanding your competitive position

  • Comprehend your competitive position by demand segment on published and available prices
  • Get near real time competitive alerts via email and app
  • Profile your competitors based on historical behavior and optimize your execution
  • Comprehend the real usage of fares and improve your reactive strategies