Airnguru Price Awareness

Helping airlines increase profits through price optimization

Airnguru provides unprecedented pricing intelligence technology, helping airlines increase profits, optimizing fare structures, reducing time-to-market, eliminating fare errors, gaining coverage and information advantage

Airnguru Price Awareness Modules

Four modules, best in class Pricing Intelligence platform.


Quickly visualize price trends, identify carriers and markets with the most intense dynamics, comprehend competitors' reactions and drill down to the O&D level.

Competitive analytics

Gain unprecedented visual insights to airline's competitive position by demand segment, understand impact of fare fences and discover opportunities to improve price levels and segmentation.

Fare visualizer

Explore the full current and past market fare structures with graphical interpretation of fares and segmentation rules


Get immediately alerted of problems with your fare structures and competitive position, dramatically reducing your exposure

Airnguru Price Awareness Packages

All of our tools help revenue management and pricing teams by providing comprehensive information with a friendly, easy-to-use design, that will enable analysts and managers to make faster and better decisions.

market monitor

Mobile app designed for commercial executives and senior managers that need to be on top of specific markets and competitors.

  • Lowest published fare

  • Real-time information

  • Incumbent and competitors’movements

  • Available for iPhone and Android

awareness suite

SaaS suite of integrated modules designed to increase the visibility and productivity of the entire pricing process.

  • Competitive position on published prices in all demand segments

  • Programmable alarms

  • Historical information of fares and fare movements

  • Base prices and all-in prices

  • All fare categories with impact on final price

  • Mobile app that notifies alarms in real time

price monitor

SaaS suite that helps RM teams understand airline's competitive position and adjust capacity strategies accordingly.

  • Competitive position in all demand segments (for minimum published and minimum available prices)

  • Programmable alarms

  • Historical information about prices and price movements

  • Fare usage level

  • Mobile app that notifies alarms in real time