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Executive view of lowest price of incumbent vs competing airlines and trends

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What is the Airnguru Executive Mobile App?

Airnguru Executive Mobile App is meant mainly for executives and senior management of pricing, revenue management, sales, e-commerce and marketing areas of airlines, who need or want to be connected in real time to the main airline market price movements.

Airline Pricing and Revenue Management Software
  • 01. Real time lowest published prices

    Real time lowest published prices of incumbent and competing airlines for user selected list of origin-destination-competitor triplets.

  • 02. Price differences

    Percent price differences between incumbent and competitors highlighted in colours indicative of signs.

  • 03. Positive or negative trends

    Arrows indicative of positive or negative trends of prices.

  • 04. Graphic view

    Graphic views of last 24 hrs' and last 7 days' evolution of lowest price of selected triplet versus incumbent carrier.

  • 05. Configurable features

    User can configure list of origin-destination-competitor airlines triplets.

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